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It seems most forms of entertainment want to paint those that own cats as being primarily lonely people that live a life of solitude and loneliness with the cat being their source of companionship that spycologicaly replaces the true lonliness deeply rooted in the subconcious, while others where it on there sleeve.


For millenia felines have been revered by many cultures dating back to the beginnings of recorded history itself, and while I could give you a history lesson of the history of cats and how and when they  migrated across the planet, fact is, I don't care, as current history seems to have huge holes, gaps, fallicies, and out right miss & diss information all with the sole purpose of pushing their agenda.


My agenda is to just discuss the facts with out having any preconceived ideas or notions about the subject at hand, to aproach it from a rational scientific angle and to make my own conclusions based on my prior knowledge and reasoning and I sujest every one listening or watching do the same, make up your own mind using your own research and your independent thought process and knowledge.


O.k., lets get down to business, as anyone who has already done their basic research will tell you, cats purr in the frequency range of 25hz - 150hz, in comparison a typical adult male ranges between 80hz and 160hz, and a adult females voice ranges between 165 - 255.


So you can see the kitty cats purr range is way deeper than that of either a man's or a woman's natural speaking voice range however a that is not to say that they can't produce higher or lower frequencies as they can and I teach this in my Solfeggio Therapy Master Class so if you are interested in learning more about your own personal tuning and frequency range.


Now oddly enough when one looks to the vedic chokra system one finds that the Third Eye frequency is at 144Hz and it seems that all animals classified as mammals fall into this frequency range of communication. Other species also fall in these range as well.


This is important because it shows that no matter what our language at the root level we all use the same frequency, and it is the frequency that animals mainly respond to and not the language. This is why a dog will understand the person talking to them no matter if they are speaking english, japanese, spanish, russian, or whater, so either you have the smartest dog in the world that can translate every language known to mankind or . . . the dog is reading the human frequency and tone of voice and it is this frequency that is the true language.


But this article is not about the dogs ability to understand any human language spoken to it but to unlock the hidden mysteries behind the cats meow, . . . err purr.


Lets start at the beginning no one really knows where and when cats were first domesticated. Most want to credit Egypt with that honor, and like I stated earlier, that is not my purpose, but I would like to point out that their is physical evidense of cat statues spanning the globe that predate Egyptoligist timelines, what I do find important and it seems there is no information about or stories regarding the house cat written in the Bible, they were all sensored. Yes there is a story of a lion but none of any house cats.


Why, is that important to me, well you see the domesticated Cat was highly revered in the old world. Places like Atlantis, and Tartaria, even the ancient Amazonian Empire. This reverense was a source of jelousy and contention for this newly formed monotheistic religion and like everything else that invoked our true nature they had to demonise.


Now there is more to this demonisation than meets the eye, iterally as you are about to find out as the cat was not the only animal the old world clinged to as we all know wyverns, dragons, snakes as well as other reptillian species were also revered in the old world and as we all know what St Patrick is known for is for removing all the snakes from Ireland, yet there were no snakes on Ireland and how does this all even relate to the healing power of the cats purr which is the title of this article, well buckle up you are about to find out.


If you were to come face to face with a wild big game cat such as a lion or a tiger or a panther you would see that their eyes are like that of a dog or human in the sense that they are round, circular


But when you look into the eyes of a domesticated cat their eyes are vertically slit, . . . hmmm, why is that? where have we seen this type of eye structure before?


I don't know about you but I see this type of eye structure all the time is reptiles such as those revered so much by the Annunaki,  Atlantians, Tartarians, Egyptions,and so many other ancient civilizations.


So, now when you look into the colonization of the Holy Roman Empire you will see that one of the things they did systematically each and everytime they conquere a place was to make it a symbol for all time that they had gotten rid of the snakes,this metaphor is not only the one passed for St Patrick in Ireland like we mentioned earlier but it is even eternally symbolized on the flag of Portugal as it shows the new regime killing a wyvern and replacing it with the eagle. You will see this yet again in mesoamerican culture where the eagle is standing on a cactus eating a snake, again on a national flag, letting the new world know that the ways of the old world were officially over, and as we all know those that kept to their old world ways were labeld witches and burned at the stake.


One of the popes even tried killing off every cat and that lead to one of the worst plaques in history as the mouse population in Europe took over.


So this brings us full circle to today where we have the most advance technology and social engineering at our fingertips yet so many everywhere are searching for the ways of old, the original ways we used to be and that involves the soothing, healing sound of a cats purr, which the lower frequency end has been scientifically determined to stimilate muscles and promote bone healing.


I can't say for sure why domesticated cats have vertically slit eyes when all other felines do not yet reptiles do, I'll let you draw your own conclussions on that one, but if one is familiar with the Annunaki reptilian statues and other from antiquity then this might shed some light on things as it is the Annuki text that talks about doing human genetic modification on mankind millenia ago.


Plus one only need to look at the modern medical symbol, the caduceus, to see the serpent sybolism as human D.N.A. going up the spinal cord attached to a brain with wings comming off both sides, the essense of a wyvern.


So in the end modern man has amnesia when it comes to our old ways, and with the advent of the internet and instant communication a lot of people will take advantage of that to push their own agenda or a false narrative and this is even true when it comes to your health and healing.


While I can't go over everything is this one tiny post I hope the information of the domesticated house cat proved usefull to you and if it did then please hit the like and subscribe button to spread this information to others.


This is Sound Sciece & I have been your host Mark Christopher Garrett


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I know what a lot of you are thinking that this is not sound medical treatment it is a "Therapy", and my answer to that is you are right I am not a licensed doctor or physician so please go see your health care provider for all medical advice.


But I would like to point out that sound medical treatment uses "Therapy" all the time, such as "Chemotherapy" for one, but again use your own judgement and decision making when it comes to your body and health.


Luckily modern science is agreeing with us as every day more and more discoveries are being made using sound, music, frequency and electromagnetics as its sourse.


So next time you pet your cat and you look it in the eye while listening to it purr one now must pose the question, "Are you "Kitty" part reptillian?", and likewise am I too part reptillian?










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