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Wow, so a lot of people are being exposed to the Tartarian history, yet even those exposing it have little to no understanding of where and when it came from and the true purpose of all of its antiquetech. No worries I love the fact that what they are exposing in so many ways is undeniable, yet some push the truth with a lack of understanding and making common things seem unworldly, or uncapable by man at that time. Obviously they are poking fun at mainstream history that can not explain all of these new found revelations and anomolies and continue to hold on to nosensical garbage establishment propaganda regurgitated by the zombie dollar feeders.


Today I would like to focus on Church Bells although most truthers understand that most of the original old world churches were not indeed churches, and that will be a topic for another Tartarian debate, but today we will use its euphanism as everyone can relate to what a church is in one way or another even if they are not part of that religion. Those already familiar with Tartarian history will forgive my slip of the tongue and fully understand what I mean and with that lets move on.


O.k., so first off there was no special healing powers or magic in the bells themselves other than the pitch and frequency at wich they would gong to and I explain all of this and solfeggio frequencies in prior blogs exposing the fallacy behind the mythical 432Hz and others you can find these here on you tube or at my website Mark Christopher Garrett Sound Science.


So, with that knowledge behind us then what was the real and true purpose of the bells and why we are on the subject I would like to also bring up the cracked Liberty Bell and its sister another cracked Liberty Bell in Russia and the true symbology behind it and how it all relates back to sound frequencies witch translate everyday into our music, media and so much more.


So, let us imagine if you will that we are back in time, . . . no further back . . . a little more, . . . . O.k. now think about where you are at, imagine your surroundings and the tech at your desposal . . . hmmmm, no internet, no t.v., no practical radio signals, no cell phones, heck there wasnt even regular hard line dial phones. 


Are you starting to get the picture.


Every day you would wake up and guess what there is no tv to turn on, no iphon to check your social media accounts and emails, no phone messages on your answering machine if you still even have one of those, you just wake up . . .


to what?!?!?!?


The sound of the Bell chimming. A giantnormous brass object being struck to create a thunderous echoing sound that ionized the atmosphere to that frequency thus creating a carrier wave, the predececer to all the  transmitted tech we have today. Plain and simple Bell Towers or Carillons were originally built with the purpose of creating carrier signals every hour on the hour that linked up with other bell towers and carillons thus creating a uniform frequency to send and receive transmissions. No majic, no hocus pocus, just science.


This was the one sound that unified all those that could heat it and with that they would use this signal as a means to tune themselves and their instruments as the bell itself acted as a collective tuning fork, just not in the shape of a fork, but a bell, and acheiving the same outcome.


This practice of using the bell as a tuning mechanism continued all the up through modern times as  the creation of the Tonometor lead to the scientifically chosen 440Hz for reasons I have clarified in other post and videos so I will not delve into that here, but if you are interested in that type of information and knowledge then please subscribe to my newsletter and my youtube channel it really does help spread the word, thanx.


So, in modern times they even broadcast beginning in 1936 over open airwaves on the US Time and Frequency Station WWV a pure tone signal at 440Hz at 2 minutes past every hour so that musicians can tune their instruments.


Now think about this, now a days we have so many easy technological digital devices that will tell us the pitch and chord and allow us to tune in real time, but back then what would you do? Only the rich could afford tuning forks and even then they could probably only afford one as in the case of Mozart whom left behind a single tuning fork in the key of A at 421Hz


This fact is undeniable, Mozart for as revered as he is today musically only had one tuning fork and this was so he could keep his instrument in key with his students or others he would play with or multiple instruments he would play himself.


I have a great article and video on Mozart and the magic frquency of 432 for those interested in diving deeper into that subject.


So, even the great classical composers as we know them today were handicapped with what they had at their disposal, but one thing never changed the sound of the local church bell.


The sound that everyone that heard it could tune their voice and intrument to, and this is one of the ancient secrets that kept societies and civilizations together, but when political opposition changed power as it so often does then those conqueres would at times define the new surroundings.


This is the symbolism behind the Liberty Bell motiff used in so many contries changing the guard to signify the end of the old frequency and in with the new frequency, the one defined by the victors.


There are real reasons behind the changing of the tones in the bells and other antiquetech that make scientific sense as to why they were updated. Remember those in history keeping the secrets of Tartarian antiquetech were not trying to heal the world but to keep new found tech mainly rudimentary electricity and the broadcasting of radio waves a secret which explains the antiquetech on the tops of old world buildings being used to gather power and capture radio rf signals.


So it would make sense to establish a coordinated an uniform frequency which is just a beat rate so signals would flow together as they would resonate at the same speed and this is important.


Bells were not the fist to be used by ancient civilizations to tune the masses and their tech.


How many movies have you seen where in ancient times, pick one, some one is blowing into a horn.


This is the original Trumpet and the original tone, pitch every one would tune to.


While ideolic and stoic it did not always produce the best quality instrument thus giving a limp performance. This is why over time mankind as a whole perfected their musical cract to bring iit to where it is today!


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