Music & Sound Therapy

Learn the fundamentals of Music and Sound Therapy also known as Vibroacoustic Therapy and the true science behind it.


Learn the hows and whys of why most practicioners today are doing it wrong and failing, learn how to avoid the common traps and pitfalls based on conspiracy theories, bad information, and self described new age gurus. 


Become your better self today, a more relaxed self, a more confident self, an awake alert self, a self with improved memory and cognitive functionality, the self you aspire to be.


Awaken your inner self and discoveer the best of you still sleeping inside you.


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If one were to google or youtube the term "Solfeggio Frequencies" an array of articles,, websites, videos and audio files will undoubtedly pop up claiming that certain frequencies are magical, others with healing powers and worse yet some even posses evil powers that will harm you.


They will sell you on this idea will offering you the perfect solution, one of course they offer, the magical frequency to cure you of what ever ailment, any ailmen, heck, all ailments you have. They claim this while knowing that certain classical musicians such as Bethoven and others used to tune to these majical healling frequencies yet we know Bethoven went deaf and blind and suffered from all sorts of ailments, as did Mozart and others not that they all went deaf and blind,but that all suffered some sort of ailment, mainly mental. So how could these older classical frequencies be so good for us if even those living back then suffered from ailment and disease.


Well for one, their is no one magical frequency as all sound thus all music can be and is healing in some nature you just need to know which remedy is for which ailment just like any other form of treatment. You must first properly know how to administer the dose needed and the proper medicine for each individual situaltion and healing and music therapy is no different.


Second, listening to so called magical frequencies is about as beneficial as watching somebody else bath. While being there next to it may be soothing, relaxing and envigorating it does not cleanse you the way it cleanses the actual bather, same with listening to magic frequencies or any music for that matter (I cover this in another blog post) while it may be soothing, relaxing, envigorating it does not fully cleanse the sole, and I mean that physically not religiously, as I literally mean your solar plexus and other plexi.


The proper cleansing of this plexi is what solfeggio theraputic training is trully about.


I am now offering a Master Class in Solfeggio Theraputic Training for all those interested in not just learning the proper forms and techniques but also in physically participating as well as it is this art form that hold the true theraputic powers of sonic resonance and vibroacoustic therapy using the solfeggio method.


So if you ever wanted to really dive deep into this subject I am now accepting a limited amout of students for this class so that I can really spend the time needed to devote to each student one on one.


So, for more information on this as well as a Free Introductory Lesson dedicated to proper breathing, as all the other teachings hinge on this foundational principal and practice.


Thank you for your interest in this amazing subject, I look forward to seeing you in class!

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