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Modern day gurus and charlatans are taking advantage of everyday unsuspecting people just like you and me when it comes to Solfeggio Frequencies.


Just google the term and you will get video after video or song after song with all different kind of frequency variables on the upload such as 432Hz, 174Hz, 528Hz and others you get the picture. This is not just wrong in oh so many ways but if it was not so evil it would be funny. This of course is me assuming the uploaders actually knew the truth themselves and I would go out on a limb and so 90% + of the uploaders were just jumping on the "Bandwagon" and spreading disenformation or worse yet bad and wrong information and passing it off as official knowledge.


So lets break down scientifically and mathematically what solfeggio frequencies actually are and how they have evolved in music and for those that are seeking a more organic nature to music and sound with the purpose to better themselves health wise.


Lets jump right into the deep end with defining first off what solfeggio frequencies are so we are all on the same page then the explanation as to why modern uploads could be deceiving while still telling the truth, . . . yes I know that makes no sense, but when I am done explaining it will all make total complete rational common sense and it will be one of those ureka of course it is moments, so lets start.


Solfeggio Frequencies are simply put vowel forms or representations of the notes so as to be able to be spoken by the human form.


That is it in a nut shell, of course it goes way deeper than that so lets submerge ourselves shall we.


Solfeggio is just the latest latin illitetation of notes but not the first. Solfeggio simply put means Sol and Fa corresponding to the notes G and F, as in Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti the ones everyone knows but also containing the ones know one knows the hidden ones from modern ages, di, ri, fi, si, li representing the sharp notes and te, le, se, me, ra representing the flat notes.


The solfeggio frequencies are the human frequencies hummed or sung out loud by the practicioner and this is the true magic and value behind how it works scientifically and mathematically, listening to it is like watching someone else take a bath, it really does you very little to no good. Now do not get me wrong listening to music any music no matter what frequency is healing, uplifting, rewarding, relaxing and everything else but that is just it, it is the music itself that gives you the feeling as all music is a transfer of emotion. What it is not is a solfegio frequency since it is played on an instrument written in notes ABCDEFG, in other word the vowel form of the note is meant for you the practicioner to make audible via your own self, thus self harmonizing and tuning your body to feel natural and envigorated, solfeggio frequencies have nothing to do with just changing the frequency of a recording to a desired one and expecting it to have magical results. Like we already stated all music is soothing and beneficial to the human spyche but it is not you physically harmonizing your entire essence via self oscillation (humming).


These are the true teachings of Music and Sound Therapy and what modern gurus and charlatans do not understand.


This means all music even music in 440Hz  "IS" Solfeggio Frequencies since it incorporates Sol (G) and Fa (F) while at the same time not being solfeggio music from a technical stand point because you are not vocalising it using Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La Si.


And like I stated earlier the Latin model is not the first nor the only just the one the new age gurus want to talk about as if it means something esoteric.


Prior to the Solfeggio model we had an Arabic system, Dal, Ra, Mim, Fa, Sad, Lam, Ta; the Byzantine system Pa, Vu, Ga, Di, Ke, Zo, Ni; the Svara system from ancient Vedic text, and noted in indian classical music as Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni; Ancient China had theirs as well and we could go on but I think you get the picture, bottom line the solfeggio system is a voice audible system meant to be spoken, chanted or hummed, and it was desiged by thosed speaking the language of origin plain and simple.


This system of converting notes over to vowel form is called solmization and in nothing new it dates back to our beginnings and has grown with us as we have developed newer languages and better instruments.


True Solfeggio Frequency Teachings are available via my Music and Sound Therapy courses that you can find out more about in my SOUND SCIENCE newsletter, so if these are the types of things you are interested in sign up now for free.

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