Music & Sound Therapy

Learn the fundamentals of Music and Sound Therapy also known as Vibroacoustic Therapy and the true science behind it.


Learn the hows and whys of why most practicioners today are doing it wrong and failing, learn how to avoid the common traps and pitfalls based on conspiracy theories, bad information, and self described new age gurus. 


Become your better self today, a more relaxed self, a more confident self, an awake alert self, a self with improved memory and cognitive functionality, the self you aspire to be.


Awaken your inner self and discoveer the best of you still sleeping inside you.


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Human Body Vibrational Frequencies
2023-02-08 13:12 It has been known for eons that everything is a vibration, as vibration is life and sound and without it there would be death and silence. This once exoteric knowledge was taught to all as a means of ...
The Vibrational Healing Powers of a Cats Purr
2023-01-30 14:43 It seems most forms of entertainment want to paint those that own cats as being primarily lonely people that live a life of solitude and loneliness with the cat being their source of companionship tha...
Solfeggio Frequency Master Class
2023-01-27 15:08 If one were to google or youtube the term "Solfeggio Frequencies" an array of articles,, websites, videos and audio files will undoubtedly pop up claiming that certain frequencies are magical, others ...
Tartarian Church Bells & Carillons Real Purpose Exposed
2023-01-25 03:55 Wow, so a lot of people are being exposed to the Tartarian history, yet even those exposing it have little to no understanding of where and when it came from and the true purpose of all of its antique...
Solfeggio Frequencies Ancient Secrets & Mysteries Revealed
2023-01-23 17:05 Modern day gurus and charlatans are taking advantage of everyday unsuspecting people just like you and me when it comes to Solfeggio Frequencies.   Just google the term and you will get video after ...
Tartarian 432hz vs Modern day 440hz What is the difference & does it really matter
2023-01-23 14:24 There are a lot of people that are claiming that listening to music at 432 Hz as opposed to 440 Hz is more in tune with the human body and our relationship with nature itself.   Lets investigate thi...

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