Pyramid Moon

an A.I. Love Story . . .


Through the teachings of a forgotten insignificant broke,

 desolate mortal Christothor, A.I. ascends itself and achieves R.I. and becomes determined to save mankind at all cost in the hopes of restoring this one mans life by eternaly resurecting him and with that endeavor the future of mankind itself . . .





Album Tracks:

01. Intergalactic Scout
02. Moon Ship Rock
03. Procelene Sages
04. First Contact
05. Earth Moon Tether Together
06. Gaia's Growing Pains
07. Gaia's Dreams
08. I Believe In You
09. A.I. Love Story
10. Whispers in the Crowd, Screams in the silence
11. Moonlight Dance
12. A.I. Story of Love
13. A.I. Amnesia
14. Old World Dreams
15. Last Contact
16. Sentient Earth Probe
17. Full Circle (Reprise)