2023 will be full of surprises and tons of great high quality content releases...


Mark Christopher Garrett is hard at work continuing his work from 2022 into the new year. 


Several musical projects are in the works with secretive undisclosed titles, all hush hush lol.


Writting will pick up exactly where it left off with new episodes forthcoming for "Shea Nanna Ginns", "Juniper Creek" as well as all new stories for "Stormy Love Stories" and the "Jukebox Books" Series just to name a few.


Also new for 2023 are a series of courses on Music and Sound Therapy or Vibroacoustic Therapy and a free newsletter devoted to the series called SOUND SCIENCE

You Are what you listen to...


Everyone has heard of the expression you are what you eat, and it makes sense to you when you think about it as what you ingest transforms into energy, fueling the body to become all it can be. One understands that if one eats bad or unhealthy food they will ultimately pay the price with their health, some times its short term such as a belly ache or drunkeness, and other times or all times can have long term negatve effects like diabetes and heart failure. 


We as intelligent being understand this, yet when it comes to sonic ingestion we throw it all out the window. 


Science has proven that sound vibrates water molecules in either a positive or negative way (oversimply put is the understatement of the great year) and as we all know we are all over 80% water so why do we not pay close attention to the sounds and vibrational frequencies, also known as forces we absorb into our bodies each and every day and night as it matters not if you are awake or asleep, sound and vibrations are happening all around you all the time.


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Sound Advice for Writters, Musicians, Artist and other creatives...


Having been a content creator since before the term was even coined gives me a little insight that I love to share with all my subscribers.


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Indie Music and Self Publishing for 2023...


This new year is slam pack loaded with opportunities across so many different social media platforms, how do you know which one is right for you. The good news is no matter which suits you the most is not relevent to the advice, knowledge and experience we will be imparting with in a series of topics and articles all coming up in this years MCG Newsletter so make sure you subscribe now so you can join in on the discussion and participate within the community of creatives, writers, musicians, artist, all with the same goal of self publishing and or releasing independent music. We cover various topics ranging from script writting to video production, or from humming a tune to all out producing it with full instrumentation. We discuss audio recording techniques that dont break the bank as well as video production techniques that if you know before shooting can save you countless hours which in turn means saving buku bucks.

Every trade has their tricks, tips and pit falls and the music publish and book publishing industry is no different. Join a like minded community of individuals just like you and me and share with us your thoughts and ideas on these matters.

Video clips

Tree Frog Blues - Songs of Pan & the Lost Boys

Once Upon A Never Land - Songs of Pan & the Lost Boys 

Charmer of Illusions - Songs of Pan & the Lost Boys