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Mark Christopher Garrett was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1969

He grew up in the U.S.A. (N.C., N.Y., TX, FL, VA, MD); Canada (Oshawa, Toronto) & Mexico (Cuernavaca, Monte Casino, Taxco, Tepozlan, D.F.)

While in Mexico he studied piano at Bellas Artes while attending Escuela Secundaria Federal (Secondary Federal School) at Froilan Paroquin Garcia (El Numero Uno) in Cuernavaca Morelos, where Mark Christopher Garrett attended second session which was from 2pm - 8pm. He was recognized for being the first American to attend a Mexican Federal School in Morelos Mexico. 

Upon returning to the United States Mark Christopher Garrett settled in Florida and was accepted into the inception year of the Artistically Talented Program at Gibbs Senior High School in St Petersburg. 

As a high school alumni Mark Christopher Garrett was given a Congressional Award for Artistic Discovery by Florida Congressman Bill Young as Winner of the Congressional Artistic Discovery Contest where the winners art, Mr Garrett's, was displayed for an entire year in the United States Capitol Buillding (This Artistic Discovery Contest still takes place today!). 

His Visual Art has been on display around the globe from the Capital Building in Washington D.C., to Fortune 500 companies, as well as private & individual collectors from around the world.

After graduating Mark Christopher Garrett began his entreprenureal journey and with the help of his uncle opened his first business, ACE Screen Printing, where he screen printed glazes onto ceramic tile and firing them in kilns. Ace also specialized in screen printing multiple substrates such as glass, wood, metal and of course textiles like t-shirts, caps jackets sweats etc.

Due to immediate family personal reasons he shut that business down.

He then moved to Tallahassee Florida where he would work for a local print shop where he met his soon to bewife Sharon.

The two of them opened up their own Printing and Advertising Company, "K12 Tshirts" got married, raised 3 kids with a 4th already off to college and during all this Mark Christopher Garrett also found the time to voluntere at the Asthma and Allergy Center for 15+ years.

Due to changes in land usage laws,  Mark Christopher Garrett and his wife decided a change of pace was in order so they closed down the printing company and opened up a little Diner on Highway 231 in Alford Florida called, M.C. Garretts, aka the Alligator Pit , where they specialized in Pulled Pork BBQ, and Slow Cooked Alligator. Adding to that menu was Mark Christopher Garrett's own recipe line of homemade Ice Cream.

The Diner had a 4.5 Stars out of 5 on google reviews when the Garrett's shut it down.

Tragically, hurricane Michael hit and the family was negatively affected both at their personal residence as well as at the restaurant.

Since then Mark Christopher Garrett has authored and published over 25 books, mostly short stories and childrens books.

After heavy debate, Candidate Mark Christopher Garrett Officially entered politics September 16, 2021 when he registered to run for Florida's 2nd District Congressional Seat in the 2022 Election. Mark Christopher Garrett is Chair for the Multicultural Party which is running on a strong political platform looking to pass landmark legislation. Now that the midterms are over the race for 2024 is on and Mark Christopher Garrett's fight has only just begun.

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